Abby Ho, head editor of visual arts at LooseLeaf Magazine spotlights six of her favourite artists at OCAD’s 2016 GradEx!

Bonnie Tung, Loop
Loop is a fascinating installation which involves the projection of a single channel animation on a curved acrylic form. This form is reflected below, allowing the animation to continually loop. Placed in a dark classroom at GradEx, this work became super engaging with the fun animation and bright colours.

Farihah Aliyah Shah, Prefix
Prefix aims to retell the artist’s story through a decolonized lens by the means of self-portraiture and appropriation. I found Farihah Aliyah Shah’s work really well done as her work was not only aesthetically pleasing but it also included commodities from colonial exportation.

Minjoo Kim, Ugly Duckling
Minjoo Kim’s work has a very tactile feel as it often looks collaged. Her quirky characters and artistic style drew me in as she considers themes of childhood trauma and synesthesia.

Leslie Leung, Free Play
Free Play is a series of illustrations that explores the relationship between games and real life scenarios. Leung’s loopy figures and attention to details really help carry their concept across in a fun and easy manner!

Francis Zhang, Transcendence
Transcendence is a time-based installation that speaks towards the artist’s family history through the use of water, charcoal, ceramic bowls, and photography. Zhang’s work was exceptional in capturing his fading memory as the water would evaporate from the bowls, leaving traces and stains on the sides.

Jenny Chen, Vessel Series
The Vessel series is delicate in technique but robust in conveying concepts of the female self. The art pieces that make up the series are especially engaging, as Chen makes use of the negative space in order to have the viewer focus in on each piece.


*Both Zhang and Chen’s pieces were featured in hui, a communal art exhibition as part of LooseLeaf’s Volume 2 launch!