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Svaha’s Fierce Promise and Quiet Reminder

By Brannavy Jeyasundaram Featured Image Courtesy of Dahlia Katz “Rituals don’t just exist in the past, they’re how we connect to the here and now,” says Nova Bhattacharya prior to announcing the premiere date of her upcoming production. It is the middle of September 2019; she speaks to a room full of eclectic musicians, performance artists, and…


[Literature] - Coconut Dreams by Derek Mascarenhas

By Shailee Koranne Image Courtesy of Book*hug Published by Book*hug Press in 2019, Coconut Dreams explores the lives of the Pinto family through seventeen linked short stories. In Coconut Dreams, a boy exposes his town priest’s crimes through a thrilling series of events; a widow reflects on a romantic safari trip while watching The Lion King;…


[Theatre] 49th Day at Next Stage

Reviewed by Allyson Aritcheta All Images by Zeeshan Safdar In Vi?t Nam, a young woman rushes through a cemetery, dropping before a grave. Shaking, she burns incense, makes offerings, and performs rituals, waiting for a sign from her deceased grandmother. Alone, the woman confronts her complicated relationship with her loved one. Weaving together poetry and drama,…

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