LooseLeaf is a bi-annual magazine based in Toronto, that features content produced by pan-Asian (we focus on South, South-East, East, Mixed) creators such as visual arts, fiction, poetry, non-fiction, reviews, artists and culture.

What does it mean to be an Asian Creator in a Canadian context?

The Asian experience is incredibly diverse in Canada. There is a spectrum of immigration, local and diasporic narratives, and a range of dwellers from born-and-raised Canadians, new diasporic, international and transnational residents. We are interested in “representation that reflects me and us, but what are the implications of ‘I’/’We'”?

Its inception is the result of our desire to build a place for Asian.Canadian (emerging) artists to publish, and a platform to embolden and make visible the Asian.Canadian artist community.

Canadian Art often carries an implied whiteness, both structural and representational; we are here to shift that implication. We want to reach young Asian.Canadian adults who have abandoned the arts for various reasons.
We want to be present as Asian.Canadian artists in Canadian.Global art.

If you are an Asian-identifying creator in traditional or non-traditional forms, please send us your work!

LooseLeaf is a literary, visual arts magazine produced by Project 40 Collective.

LooseLeaf Blog is partially funded by the generosity of the Ontario Arts Council.