April showers bring May flowers power outages. Alas, spring weather seems like a fleeting dream but the month does promise intriguing and insightful events to uplift one’s mood. Check out the list of awesome April events below!


3-15: fu-GEN Theatre: Mixie and the Halfbreeds

Created by Julie Tamiko Manning and Adrienne Wong, and directed by Jenna Rodgers, Mixie and the Halfbreeds presents the story of two neighbors who aren’t as different as they first seem. Plagued by peroxide teeth and blondissima hair, Mixie and Trixie ponder the age-old question: do blondes have more fun? Featuring Zoé Doyle and Vanessa Trenton, the production is centered around the exploration of culture, identity, and race in relation to mixing in with contemporary Canadian society and popular culture through its mixed-race characters and creators. Check out Mirae’s interview with the playwrights, and Vanessa Trenton.

9: Food Feelings: Workshop on Place, Culture & Nourishment

 The Toronto Youth Food Policy Council is hosting this workshop at LOFT Kitchen that will facilitate reflection on our personal and collective relationships with food, all while enjoying a delicious light meal. Through guided discussion and art-making, participants will examine their personal history with food and how food is a site of connection, cross-cultural engagement, and nourishment.

13: The Art of Leadership for Women

Headlined by Malala Yousafzai, The Art of Leadership for Women gathers remarkable and influential women whose talent and passion have established them as dynamic leaders for change. These powerful women—some of whom are world leaders, business icons, best-selling authors, academics, and more—share their personal stories while shining light on the experiences and issues confronting women in business today. This lively discussion will empower women with tools and techniques to forge their own extraordinary paths and connect them with like-minded peers.

21: Emerging Muslim Writers of TO: An Evening of Poetry and Prose

A new wave of powerful creative voices is emerging in Toronto, particularly those of Muslim writers. Organized by Firefly’s Writer in Residence, Amanda Ghazale Aziz, this showcase features readings by some of these writers and celebrates powerful Muslim voices in Toronto’s literary scene. There will also be an open mic for those who identify as Muslim and have a piece prepared for the evening. The event is currently sold out but there is a waitlist via the Eventbrite link.

26: Eyeblink: Hashtag Solidarity

Hashtag Solidarity is working in association with the exhibition YOKO ONO: THE RIVERBED to present Eyeblink, a three-part monthly screening and performance series inspired by Ono’s films from the 1960s and 1970s. The exhibition will investigate bourgeois activism within the arts and how effective allyship manifests in arts and culture.  Hashtag Solidarity features works by Kiera Boult, Sancta Maria, and Ninkuru Zinduru, projections by Erica Whyte and blackpowerbarbie, and a DJ set by Myst Milano.

This list was compiled by Aliya Ghare