This year’s Canzine TO was housed in the more spacious AGO, but just as full and rowdy as last year’s event.

Ilustrators, designers and just visual creatives in general often have beautiful business cards, and so at the end of our little shopping trip we rounded up the business cards we’d collected and went through and picked some of our favourite artists from the day.

Here are our top 10 picks for Canzine 2015 🙂

May Fan a.k.a Mayday Doodlez

We loved her hand-drawn cards, which she created while manning her booth at the fair, but her illustrations use glorious bold strokes and a nice touch of colour. Find more her stuff at and follow her on twitter, tumblr and instagram!


After a lot of squealing and then serious debate, postcards were definitely purchased at this booth (by more than one of us). If you think this business card is lovely, you’ll love everything else this artist is offering! Check out more of her work at


 Merrill Liu

Don’t you just love how much character this business card has? Merrill’s work covers a huge range of design genres and in a wide variety of topics. Definitely one of the more thought-provoking artists at the fair! Find her work at


Louisa Tsui a.k.a Louscribbles 

Louscribbles often works in stunning details and beautiful colour. She does beautiful illustrations, but also lovely comics and zines (Jasmine purchased Portals at last year’s Canzine!). See her work or contact her at

Plum Li

Plum Li runs a webcomic ( featuring Hong Kong and a ghost, which you can follow via tumblr. Her comic work uses ink beautifully, and has a distinct style. You can see more of her work at

Cynthia Liu a.k.a Koyamori

So much watercolour and ink! Koyamori’s landscapes are full of whimsy and fantasy, evoking beautiful dreamscapes that are both adorable, and profound. You can find more of her work for viewing and purchase at

Daisy W. a.k.a 6-hours (tumblr)

Daisy is an animator/illustrator who runs a webcomic on tapastic called For It to Grow, currently at 6 episodes. She also produces beautifully creative zines, and other illustrated products. Find her store and other work at

Jen Ip

With thinner lines, a lot of attention to detail, and mixed media styles, Jen Ip carves a niche for herself in the illustration scene with beautiful prints and zines. You can check out her other work, and contact her for commissions or projects at

Hoi-An Tang a.k.a mehoi

mehoi’s illustrative style is more minimalist, featuring a variety of characters and animals.
Besides notebooks, cards and prints, she also makes decals, accessories and jewelry! Her studio is located in the Distillery District, and you can shop online and check out her other work at

Hye In Lee

From prints, to greeting cards, pins and even mugs, Hye In Lee creates lovable and fiesty monsters that populate her artwork.  She also has a few short comics out. Find her work, store and other social media at