It’s October and the federal election is right around the corner! As well as checking out the awesome events this month has in store, make sure to get out and vote for the issues that matter to you!


8: De-escalation Workshop
In a neighbourhood that has traditionally been home to marginalized people but is facing the onslaught of gentrification, there can be points of tension and conflict between different residents. In this workshop held at Xspace Cultural Centre, participants will be equipped with tools for preventing or de-escalating conflicts, including ways to support people experiencing mental health crises. While it is not possible to manage all situations, de-escalation skills, combined with knowledge of your neighbourhood, can improve the likelihood of solving neighborhood problems without involving the authorities.

9: Films Changing the World: Because We Are Girls with expert panel
Breaking their silence after nearly two and a half decades, three Indo-Canadian sisters decide to reveal a devastating family secret and confront the cousin who abused them as children. Seeking justice through the courts, Jeeti, Kira and Salakshana expose how their conservative upbringing—built on female subservience and obedience—conditioned them as victims. A nuanced reflection on the cost of breaking the cycle of abuse, Baljit Sangra’s courageous film ultimately celebrates the strength of sisterhood in the face of profound pain and trauma.

11: Xpace x OCAD U CEAD: BIPOC Curator Town Hall
This BIPOC curator-focused town hall invites emerging curators and OCAD U graduates Marsya Maharani, Amanda Low, and Maya Wilson-Sanchez for a discussion about how BIPOC curators can specifically navigate impostor syndrome, handle rejection, deal with difficult partners/coworkers, and support other BIPOC colleagues/artists. The speakers will share how to navigate these situations in school, after school, as well as advise younger cohorts of curatorial students.

21: Federal Election
The 2019 Federal Election is set to take place on October 21st. Voting ensures that you have a say in the way your country is governed—and at a time when we must take a stand on climate change, indigenous issues, access to quality education, the housing crises, and many other vital issues, it is important to get out and vote for the party that best represents your interests and values. Visit Elections Canada for more voting information.

26: Salon with Mona Awad
Get a chance to socialize with Bunny author Mona Awad and fellow fans of the book at a private salon held at Queen Books! Witchy blood rituals may or may not ensue. Tickets include appetizers, lunch, drinks, and an option for a copy of Bunny.

Until Feb 23: Caravans of Gold, Fragments in Time: Art, Culture, and Exchange Across Medieval Saharan Africa
Journey through the exhibition Caravans of Gold, Fragments in Time to see rare works of art on loan from museums in Mali, Nigeria, and Morocco, and discover the thriving North African empires that connected the ancient world. Learn about the fascinating history of cultures and peoples who traversed the deserts in search of riches and treasure that ultimately demonstrate the wealth, power, and cultural influence of Saharan and West African kingdoms within the interconnected world of the Middle Ages.

This list was compiled by Aliya Ghare