Artist Statement

After You is a series of site-specific images and self-portraits that reflect the artist’s process of understanding and coming to terms with life after a traumatic experience.

The process of creating these images reference Kali Tal’s concept of the Literature of Trauma which serves two objectives: the first is to reconstruct the experience in order to heal from it, and the second is to create a dialogue with others. The images themselves are informed by Gilles Deleuze’s concept of the mental-image: images whose visibility can stand in for something that is not immediately visible. As a result, these images give rise to a discussion about the experiences, feelings, and visual representations that emerge from trauma, while enriching public understandings of its deep complexity.

Stine Danielle (b. 1993, Manila) is a Filipino-Canadian photographer currently based in Toronto. Her work examines memory and identity, in relation to the landscape and the self. In 2017 she received a BFA with distinction from Ryerson University’s School of Image Arts. She has shown locally in Toronto and internationally in Los Angeles, Melbourne, and Vancouver.