Jasmine Gui

Jasmine Gui is a Singaporean-born transnational who grew up in the urban centres of East Asia, and now lives in Toronto. She is a published poet who believes in writing as a radical act of world-building, and her only way to grapple with the tension of translation she calls memory. You can find her blogging at jaziimun.

Isabelle Zhu

Isabelle Zhu is an Asian Canadian writer. She is interested in exploring the intersection of poetry, music, and film, and how art shapes and manipulates our experience of time.

Elise Yoon

Elise Yoon is a 2nd generation Korean Canadian word enthusiast. She is interested in writing as always personal and political; both the process and product of resistance, resilience, and connecting a community through the loud, unapologetic expression of silenced voices.


Elliott Jun

Elliott is a 2nd generation Chinese Canadian trying to understand and piece together disparate ideas through art. His work is entangled within anti-oppression and feminist frameworks looking to explore art as a transformative space of imagining better futures.

Victoria Liao

Victoria Liao is a queer-identified Chinese-Canadian feminist who reads, learns, and writes about the productive tensions generated at intersections of multiple and conflicting identities. She is particularly interested in how the arts can express the inexpressible in liminal spaces where other forms fall short

Elizabeth Ching

Elizabeth Ching is a lover of reading, for truth that can be found in fiction and for the beauty words can inspire. She is exploring her identity as a word-lover, woman, and Chinese-born Canadian in society, through the perspectives of those like and unlike her.

Visual Art

Abby Ho

Abby Ho is a Canadian born-Chinese artist. She is interested in the accessibility of art and how art can be used as a social tool to bridge gaps within different cultures, and subjects such as psychology or biology.

Amanda Low

Amanda Low currently studies under the Drawing and Painting program at OCADU, and is interested in the current developments in painting, racial issues and the digital realm. She approaches both subjects through art making.

Rose Ho

Rose Ho is a Toronto-born, Chinese-Canadian who graduated from OCAD University with a degree in art criticism. She loves writing about art and culture, delving into the history, symbolism, and cultural theory surrounding works of art, and learning about different global perspectives through art, film, and literature. In her free time, she writes film reviews on her blog, Rose-Coloured Ray-Bans.

Photography / Editorial

Lucy Lu

Lucy Lu is a photographer and artist based in Toronto, ON. Her subject matter often involves storytelling and creating both real and imaginary visual narratives. Lucy frequently works with graphic design and book design, and has been a part of several arts and cultural publications.

Rebecca Yu

Rebecca Yu is a Chinese Canadian, born and raised in Toronto. She has a passion for all things graphics and design-related, but takes a special interest in paper crafts and custom card-making.

Chloe Leung

Chloe is an architecture student currently based in Toronto, Canada. Other than always dreaming of Japan and admiring its minimalism, she is constantly in search of defining her own aesthetic and taking pictures of everything around her [food, people, blooming teas…].

Find her at chloeleung.squarespace.com. Follow her aesthetic wanderings on IG.