It was never meant to be

By Simon Shim-Sutcliffe


Artist Statement

It was never meant to be, is a series of charcoal renderings on the rocks of the east coast of Georgian Bay. I started making this series of works after I met the British painter Richard Wright, who creates site specific paintings that are painted over at the end of exhibitions- I have dedicated these charcoal renderings to him. I use the leftover charcoal from fires which represent rituals of excess, situations ultimately detached from their functional origin. Rendering the coal at its flattest possible permutation. The renderings wash away after a single rainfall, and therefore I am their sole audience.

Artist Bio

Simon Sutcliffe works in-between photography and sculpture. The renderings attempt to develop a reconciliation between man and nature. The works tends to be ephemeral, iconoclastic, and based upon the principles of the absurd and surreal.